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Horst Rogusch explains the parameters of success in the best practice of his companies.








  1. Dear Mr Kehrein, thank you very much for this wonderful seminar. I learned a lot of new and interesting facts. This new information helped me to organize my brain. And what is even more important – I got a lot of motivation and inspiration. I will use these techniques and methods in my daily work. They will also be very useful in my personal life. The following points would be very useful for me in your next seminar.
  • What is the most effective way to put up a business plan?
  • How do I lead negotiations?
  • How do I react when my ideas are not accepted?
  • Recruitments

With all my heart I wish you health, success and a lot of inspiration in your future life. Regards/Oksana Frankiv


2. I would like to thank Mr Kehrein for this seminar. You made it clear to me that you can actually plan to be successful. I learned a lot of new things and I am sure that this will help me a lot with my future job. Your seminars are simply great. You are doing an important job here in Ukrainia. Best regards/Tatyana Pokhyla


3. Dear Mr Kehrein, thank you for the wonderful seminar. I will absolutely put into practice all the knowledge I acquired in your seminars. I am sure you helped a lot of the people who took part in your seminars to believe in themselves , to find motivation , and to start to achieve their goals. I would also like to thank your interpreter Viktoria  forthe beautiful translation. Many thanks to the organizers – without them all this would not have been possible. Kind regards/Anastasiya Mazur


4. Dear Mr Kehrein, we would like to thank you for this gigantic task you do. We thank you for your good-hearted soul, your wisdom, your experience you share with us. I’m so glad to see that our cooperation works so well and that in the end we all go down the same road. Thank you for Viktoria’s excellent translation. We wish you good luck in your job, real friends, efficient teams and simply happiness.

Prof. Dr. psych.  Natalia Zhyhaylo

5. Dear Mr Kehrein, thank you very much for trying to help people. You lead the participants of your seminars to find themselves. You make a remarkable contribution to our lives. Thanks to you I now know what I want to achieve. Keep up the good work.


6. Mr. Kehrein, I want to thank you for an absolutely great week filled with fun and motivation. You gave us a reason to organize our plans and aspirations and become more successful. You are such a brilliant speaker that I am motivated to start learning German.

Yours sincerely /Anna H.

7. Dear Mr Kehrein, your seminar was a motivation for me to act. This seminar brought me gradually back to life, because for many years I had been looking at my life in a more abstract way. I didn’t know what I wanted, but you made everything clear to me. You are a real miracle! I hope your seminars will save more people who in turn will save more people.

Thank you very much! Olga K.

8. Dear Mr Kehrein, thank you for the possibility to listen to your lectures. I experienced a lot of positive emotions. The information was well structured and useful. I am looking forward to more of your interesting seminars – not only in Ukrainia, but also in Germany. It would be very interesting for us to get to know the world you tell us about. Looking forward to your next seminars.

Tutor Natalia Dnylevych (Chair for Management)

9.  “Look at the world from a different perspective and it will open new doors for you!” This sentence stands for everything I learned in this seminar. You should always define the goal in your life very clearly and explore all aspects closely. This seminar was revealing and useful for me.  May all the organizers and participants achieve their goals. For his future life I wish Mr Kehrein the same energy he had during the seminar. Then he can teach even more students, entrepreneurs and people who are eager to learn new things.

Best wishes/Bandrovytsch

10. Success is the result of hard work. If we hope for some accidental luck, we’ll never achieve anything. Mr Kehrein – thank you for the push I needed so much in my life.

Kurlymych Paria

11. This intensive training has clearly structured a lot of ideas and thoughts in my head and gave me a big portion of motivation. “Set yourself goals and enjoy every day to achieve them” – this sentence motivated me to achieve my goals every day with a lot of persistence and consequence.  I sincerely wish Mr Kehrein’s enthusiasm will never fade! Thanks to the organizers for this cool seminar.                                                                                                    Maria Vivchar

12. Mr Kehrein taught me to challenge myself. He showed me that I can achieve my goals. The most important part is the start – you have to find out what you really want to achieve. Then you have to make a plan to get closer to your goal day by day. Mr Kehrein showed us the methods to make this way to your goal easier. I would like to add that this seminar was very interesting – six hours passed in a flash.  A big thank you to the organizers and to Mr Kehrein for this lesson.


13. I liked it very much that Mr Kehrein can explain the most complicated facts and terms and make them easy to understand. The training material he offered us was well chosen and very interesting. A very important part in this seminar were the things Mr Kehrein told us about his life, which were very motivating  and encouraging. Another important fact is that we – young students, future entrepreneurs or employees – can learn a lot from the know-how of European companies. I wish every participant that he or she may achieve their goals. Thank you, Mr Kehrein and organizers of this seminar for this wonderful chance.

Solomakha Oleksandr

14. For me personally this seminar showed new aspects of long known instruments of influence on your own life. I could take a lot of time to analyze my personality and get to the bottom of many things. It was very important that Mr Kehrein only provided  a guidance for us through his statements  – in the end everybody had to  draw his own conclusions. The seminar was very interesting . Everybody was in the “Flow-Channel”. I would like to emphasize that Mr Kehrein has a great sense of humour. This seminar provided my brain with a lot of work for the coming months.


15. For me this seminar was the first motivation in my life to act. I got a lot of motivation to change my life for the better. The thirty hours I spent with Mr Kehrein taught me concentration, basics of time-management, and to set priorities. Auto-analyses made me realize what I really want and what I want to achieve in life. I found out which obstacles are in my way and how I can overcome them. I would like to thank Mr Kehrein for this.

Best wishes/Murayko Sofia

16. Thank you! This experience changed my life.

Tsymbryna Roman

17. Dear Eckhard, your seminars are a unique mixture of long-time experience, flavoured with interesting stories of your life and prepared with a lot of soul. Your charisma, your dedication and your personal style motivate, provoke and challenge. Once the seminar is over one would like to start right away with the next one. I am looking forward to the next possibility. Thank you for your philanthropy, your love for your job and for Lviv.  You have a very important mission here.

Prof. Dr. Marianna Kokhan-Klepets


The first seminar of the Horst Rogusch Foundation at the Ivan Franko University in Lviv took place in July 2016.

This seminar captured the interest of so many young economists, jurists, political scientists, and psychologists – who all in one way or other work in the field of management or entrepreneurship – that two further seminars could be offered.

Already in May 2017 a follow-up seminar was held to work further on the topics. The plan is to continue this cooperation.


Word got around that these seminars in Lviv are very successful and in October 2016  the HRST got an  invitation to also hold seminars at the “National I.I. Mechnikow University” in Odessa. The first one took place in April 2017 and about 100 people were interested and took part in the seminar.



In a cooperation with the ‘Further Professional School for Restaurant Services and Tourism’ pupils in the graduating classes wishing to move forward into self-employment as chefs, confectioners or hotel servicemen, were able to attend our start up seminars. The expanding tourist market has opened up many opportunities for people seeking self-employment. Their chance to start up business successfully is above average within this sector.


Since 2014 the ‘Lviv Professional Lyceum for Commerce and Service’ has also been taking  part in the seminar programme. The Lyceum also trains students for the retail and banking sector as well as the crafts industries, on top of its selection of gastronomic professions.

With the help of our seminar programmes already more than 90 students willing to break into entrepreneurship have been guided and prepared along their way.

The “Further Professional School for Service Industries” as well as the “Education Centre for Art and Design” have been  a cooperating partner since 2017 in the field of colleges of further education.Trainers who work for the foundations lead students of the final classes to thinking of becoming entrepreneurs themselves. They give their students a lot of motivation and help on their way to their future professional life.


We have already concluded a contract for further vocational training, which will take place in the fall of 2017.

In October these seminars of the HRST will also be organized at the “Higher vocational Academy for Economy and Tourism” in Lviv.


Some staff members of the regional job centre were schooled in the contents of the above mentioned seminars to enable them to select suitable future entrepreneurs for the seminars.

Afterwards a cooperation agreement was reached with the “Regional Job Centre for the entire region of Lviv“.

Since then at least four seminars are arranged every year for qualified participants of the retraining programs who want to start their own business. Their business ideas have been certified and they have also been provided with the necessary methodical knowledge in the seminars.

Most recently – as an excellent example for help as self help – a group of Ukrainian women got the qualification to work as trainers for the HRS. Step by step they will now take over the responsibility to hold seminars for their target groups.

The role of the HRST will be limited to the occasional monitoring of lessons, to holding specialized lectures and to keeping in contact with selected graduates of our seminars.
Upon request we will also provide mentoring for entrepreneurs and their start-ups and face to face coaching for the time to come.

We even plan to expand these activities in the future.




In cooperation with the “Employers’ Association Stryj”, a four day seminar was organized in July 2016. This seminar took place in Stryj, a small town in Western Ukraine. Twenty-eight people signed up for this seminar.


In cooperation with the business association “Business Community Club Lviv,” a seminar was held in December 2016  about the special problems of family-owned companies and conflict solving strategies. About fifty entrepreneurs took part in this seminar.


Every year different competitions are carried out in the region of Lviv for people who want to start a new business.

The foundation takes part in the sponsoring and evaluation of these competitions.

In 2015 the three winners of  the „Competition For he Best Business Idea“ got a voucher for an entrepreneurship training  and became successful businessmen in their field.

Lviv has a vibrant tourist market due to its numerable historic buildings and features within the city. Especially the craftsman trade of painter and plasterer seems suited to Lviv. Trainees in the Ukraine exclusively go to a state professional school, unlike Germany where apprentices work within both, companies and professional schools.

From 2007 to 2011 the Horst Rogusch Foundation, in cooperation with the Eberhard-Schoeck Foundation (www.eberhard-schoeck-stiftung.de), supported the ‘Further Professional Art Lyceum Lviv’. Firstly this meant financial support, helping the school to employ german teachers, but there were also free donations of high quality painting tools to the school.

At the end of the training there was a tailor-made seminar held for pupils of the graduating classes with the intention to start working self-employed.