Our activities

Some staff members of the regional job centre were schooled in the contents of the above mentioned seminars to enable them to select suitable future entrepreneurs for the seminars.

Afterwards a cooperation agreement was reached with the “Regional Job Centre for the entire region of Lviv“.

Since then at least four seminars are arranged every year for qualified participants of the retraining programs who want to start their own business. Their business ideas have been certified and they have also been provided with the necessary methodical knowledge in the seminars.

Most recently – as an excellent example for help as self help – a group of Ukrainian women got the qualification to work as trainers for the HRS. Step by step they will now take over the responsibility to hold seminars for their target groups.

The role of the HRST will be limited to the occasional monitoring of lessons, to holding specialized lectures and to keeping in contact with selected graduates of our seminars.
Upon request we will also provide mentoring for entrepreneurs and their start-ups and face to face coaching for the time to come.

We even plan to expand these activities in the future.




In cooperation with the “Employers’ Association Stryj”, a four day seminar was organized in July 2016. This seminar took place in Stryj, a small town in Western Ukraine. Twenty-eight people signed up for this seminar.


In cooperation with the business association “Business Community Club Lviv,” a seminar was held in December 2016  about the special problems of family-owned companies and conflict solving strategies. About fifty entrepreneurs took part in this seminar.